Pull-off cartridges

Pull-off cartridges

PULL-OFF cartridges by MBP

European leader in 400g grease cartridges, MBP developed a PULL-OFF cartridge with patented total opening available in HDPE and PP materials in order to offer a bespoke technical solution to any single specific requirement.

Indeed MBP offers now a wide range of grease cartridges as an answer to its clients’ expectations keeping in mind the technical requirements in filling with high temperature as well as in ensuring resistance to very low temperature and the leak resistance of the packaging.

Find all the technical, printing and packaging specifications of the two types of cartridges in the pdf documents to download

Caps for PULL-OFF grease cartridges

Basing on a significant experience in plastic closures solutions, MBP offers several caps for the PULL-OFF grease cartridge:


TG Cap


Low profile TG cap

cap self centering