Since 1959, NMBP develops and makes plastic packaging. European leader on the market of Grease Cartridges for the oil market, but also very present on the food market, pharmacy, chemistry, cosmetic thanks to various innovative plastic closures. At the tip of the eco-design, our range of caps will allow you to optimize the carbon assessment of your packaging.


Cap diameter 38 Tamper-evident and without lid

diameter 38 cap is made of two materials. without a lid, it is also tamper-proof. ...

Project cap valve monomaterial.

The honey cap without silicone. Thanks to the stop-drip valve, no need to add...

Discover the cap NARCOSE diameter 40 mm

The NARCOSE 40 mm diameter cap fits perfectly into the 27 mm PET ring (for syrups)...


In the heart of Europe, MBP Manufacturer of plastic caps an grease cartridge 400 g.

At the beginning, MBP was a family-run company and became established in Dijon, in Burgundy, in 1959. Where from its name MANUFACTURES BURGUNDIAN OF PLASTIC. We are specialized in the transformation of plastics by injection and bi-injection in PP, PE, POM, PS, TPE, SAN or still in ABS. Our multiple skills include the operations of perfection in UV screen-printing, in hot stamping, in IML, as well as the high-speed assembly and the thermo-sealing of liners.

In April, 2006, MBP joined the French industrial group ARYES [], based in Grenoble. Today, NMBP is present in Europe on the markets of easy-to-open grease cartridge with a leading position, as well as on the markets of the plastic caps. NMBP offers a technical know-how recognized since almost 50 years in the conception of plastic packagings.

Conscious of the importance of the notion of service in the job by the packaging, NMBP offers for a long time an innovative product and a technical support supplied by our R&D team intended to accompany the launches of new projects (technical solutions on packaging lines, for filling, cap distribution and application on bottles or any other recipient.

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